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Fictional Employee Stories In The Workplace

The employee stories are fictional and loosely based on real life experience of various employees at various companies.  Use the stories as conversation pieces over lunch, dinner, or special events.

To provide your comments, start a chat room at your company's social media site such as Spark, HipChat, Slack, or Circuit.  The goal is to raise awareness and discuss the questions located at the end of each story with your fellow co-workers or professional colleagues in an effort to voice concerns and identify with the various behaviors encountered in the workplace.

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  4. The feedback from other employees will align with your company's policies

Everything Is Falling Apart

Miriam is power hunger.  She wants control of her organization, therefore, she starts to bad mouth her existing manager, Aaron, to the new management team.  She feels she can do a better job than Aaron.  After a reorg, Miriam gets her wish.  She is promoted to management.  Unfortunately, Miriam does not have all the experience to manage the organization from end to end.  She makes a lot of bad business decisions, but they are covered up by new management as a learning curve.  At this point, new management likes her and are now committed to doing everything possible for her to succeed.  Aaron is demoted, but continues to be a team player.

The organization is no longer stable.  There are constantly escalations and complaints about the services.  For some reason, management does not see that this is a problem.  Apparently, when things were running smoothly with minimal complaints and escalations under Aaron’s leadership, it was taken for granted.  Everything is falling apart.  Miriam has bitten off more than she can chew, but she has management to support her.  In other words, they have her back.  It amazing that when a person is chasing escalations, it is perceived as being highly productive and a diligent worker.  “Hello” does anyone remember when things were running smoothly, users were happy, and the organization worked as a team.

    • Do you think that Miriam backstabbed her manager, Aaron?  If so, elaborate. 
    • Why do you think management supports Miriam? 
    • What are your thoughts about Aaron and how he was treated

    You may copy and paste this story to your company's chat room.

    No One Is Listening To Me

    Jeremiah is the most misunderstood person in his organization.  His ideas are way before his time making it very difficult for his fellow co-workers to understand his point of view.  His company is very young and Jeremiah has exposure and experience from much more mature companies.  He has to understand that his new company needs time to catch up to his exposure.  It takes time for young companies to mature.  Eventually, no one is listening to Jeremiah and it is very frustrating.

    Jeremiah is very talented but it is becoming apparent that he is over qualified for the job.  The problem is that new management is making it very difficult for him to find another job.  He is perceived as incompetent based on their lack of understanding in what he is talking about.  No one is listening to him or care to listen to him.  He takes his concerns to HR and realizes that HR is not listening to him as they are busy documenting and covering their asses.  He feels that HR lacks empathy and the process is more important than the person.

    Jeremiah only option is to look for other opportunities outside of the company before it is too late.  If he sticks around much longer, his career will be ruined.  No one is listening to him and at this point Jeremiah does not care either.  He wants out.

    • How often do companies lose good people because they are closed-minded? 
    • Should Jeremiah have worked harder to influence his co-workers?
    •  Is Jeremiah doing the right thing by moving on?  What are your thoughts about HR?

    You may copy and paste this story to your company's chat room.

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